Mo Asumang

Mo is an acclaimed filmmaker, actress and tv presenter, well known in Germany due to her brave documentary movies and TV moderation. Recently she has gained International exposure being featured in Roman Polanski`s movie "The Ghostwriter" playing Condoleezza Rice, she was featured in an article by "USA TODAY" which linked President Obama and Mo Asumang as 'kindred souls', and being compared in the media to filmmaker Michael Moore, and through her work leading workshops and lectures about racism and social integration in Universities and Schools in Germany, african Countries, across USA and Europe. 

Since the beginning of her career as a TV moderator in Germany in 1996, she has became a well known cultural figure and has taken on a successful career as both producer, writer, actress, and film director as well as moderator. In recent years Mo has dedicated her many talents and her energy to creative activism in the field of racism.

Her new documentary THE ARYANS (2014) is a personal journey into the madness of racism during which she meets German neo-Nazis, the US leading racist, the notorious Tom Metzger and Ku Klux Klan members in the alarming twilight of the Midwest. In The ARYANS Mo questions the completely wrong interpretation of "Aryanism" - a phenomenon of the tall, blond and blue-eyed master race.

as a director Mo won 

German Directors Award "Metropolis" 2015

and "Magnolia Award" (for Best Director) at Shanghai TVFilm Festival, China 

nominated two times for Grimme Prize, nominated for PRIX EUROPA etc.

NEWS: Mo was awarded the Order of Merit from the State of Berlin (01.10.2016)

In her documentary "Road to Rainbow" (directed by Mo Asumang, 2010), Mo is searching for the dream the South Africans had about equality that was to rise after the Apartheid Era, investigating the social reality of South Africa 16 years later.

Her previous movie "Roots Germania" (directed and produced by Mo Asumang, 2007) Mo was able to solve a trauma caused by racism; She undertakes a journey to discover her roots and her identity, facing her African father in Ghana, her White German Mother in Germany, and Jürgen Rieger, the head of the neonaziparty NPD. The catalyst of this journey, a threat over her life received by the NeoNazi Band "White Aryan Rebels", becomes a poignant tool for self discovery and a sharp reflection to matters of finding identity in Germans society of today. 

"Roots Germania" was nominated for Germany's most popular TV Prize,the "Grimme Award" and within one year shown 15 times on TV, receiving 60 articles in it's first week of run, and shown in several film festivals in Germany and African Countries.

Mo's seeking for social justice is not by chance. At the age of 5 weeks Mo was sent to an orphanage, and then raised by foster parents and her white grandmother who was with the Nazi-SS. From this early period and on, the color of her skin has impacted her and has made the issue of racism deeply entrenched into her live. In 2007 Mo Asumang has been selected as one of the leading figures and activists in Germany for issues of social integration and Intercultural affairs.

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